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(Extreme Lethal Recourse)

A Casual Raiding and Progression Guild.

xLR is a raiding guild for those who are casual about having fun but serious about raiding and progression.
More than a guild we are a team committed to success.

xLR is a guild with a fairly long history. xLR was born in vanilla and has members having an lineage stretching back to the beginning of World of Warcraft.  As a guild, we have been around for ages and have progressed through most content. Above all we are a casual raiding guild that focuses on respect and and being friendly. We do not tolerate any form of racial slurs or discriminative words. We strive towards personal perfection and take steps to help players get there.

Raids and Instances News

Raid and instance schedules will be posted in-game on the guild calendar.  We are currently working our way through Mythic Hellfire Citadel.  We are currently recruiting for our active 20 man roster, We need players that can commit to a raid schedule. We are also recruiting for our active Bench. Whisper Mayuri for more information.

Applying to the guild? Apply Here.

New member? Check Here.

Need guild info? Check Here.

Need raid info? Check Here.

Need help with your toon?  Check Here.

Site update schedule:
Tuesday mornings during realm server maintenance restarts.

Current Raid Schedule:

Raid Times Raid Leader Raid Group
Hellfire Citadel (Mythic 20m)
Tuesdays 18:45-22:00 (6:45pm-10:00pm)
Mayuri Raid Group 1
Hellfire Citadel (Mythic 20m) Thursdays 18:45-22:00 (6:45pm-10:00pm)
Mayuri Raid Group 1
Achievment Runs Saturdays 18:00 (6:00pm) - Selected by grp.
Kryssie First-come
Sundays 18:45 (6:45pm)
comming soon! First-come
** All times in server time
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